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Four Eyes Featured Artist: Kevin Maginnis

Kevin Maginnis is a pretty cool guy. He’s always trying new approaches to his art and enjoys beer so buy him one at the show.  Kevin has been a video game artist for twelve years and won’t be showing any of that work.  He works traditionally and digitally, though due to his job requirements of being at a computer all day he tends to lean towards traditional more at home. Here’s some of his stuff…

The Music: Afterglow


Michael Procaccini, Marshall Gutierrez,Bryce Landis, and Dj Sandison met in High School in La Habra, California. During that time, they played in bands such as ‘ Oh no, Please!’, ‘Phoenix May’ and ‘Carry the Sirens.’ Coming together in July 2011 and began practicing in a studio the guitarist had built at his house in La Habra Heights. Their influences varied; everything from Pink Floyd and Queen to MUTEMATH and The Strokes. Watch for their four song ep this summer.

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Vocals-Michael Procaccini
Bass-Marshall Gutierrez
Drums-Bryce Landis
Guitar-Dj Sandison

The Music: The Funnel Heads


Music often captures the essence of the environment that it is made in.  The Funnel Heads back that statement up by making music that represents their hometown of Dana Point California to the fullest.  Founded in spring 2011 and consisting of main members Madison Tripp (drums, guitar), Preston Tripp, (lead guitar, bass), and underground hip hop recording artist/singer Alex “Italix” Roth they represent diversity.  Mixing a combination of reggae, rock, hip hop, punk, soul and everything that feels right,  they have been prepping to launch their Freshman album in June 2012.  Recorded and produced by Lewis Richards of 17th Street Studios Costa Mesa who is known for working with Sublime, Long Beach Dub Allstars, Dirty Heads, and Rome.  The album is set to make noise in the southern California music scene.  With a pacific coast tour this summer to back up the release of their first project, they are hard at work rehearsing and finishing songs for the album.  

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Four Eyes Featured Artist: Amanda Ellison

Amanda Ellison is a Freelance Costume Designer and Professional Pattern Maker from Orange County, CA. She earned a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and developed her skill set from working for companies such as The Los Angeles Opera, Opera Pacific, UC Irvine, and Pageant of the Masters.

Working seasonally in theater left her time to design and build unique clothing, wedding gowns and costumes for private clients. Currently Amanda works full-time as a Pattern Maker for a dancewear company.

Although her strength lies in making clothing for people, she has recently been exploring new techniques for creating artful soft sculpture and plushies. She collaborates with Artist and boyfriend Jon McConnell to come up with unique characters that transform well into fabric. She focuses mainly on fun, whimsical characters that reflect her passion for animals, nature and creative culture.

Above: “This was one of my first plushies. It was from a sketch my boyfriend Jon McConnell did for me as a gift. I had so much fun making it, clothing became less and less interesting to me.”

Four Eyes Featured Artist: Andrew Bramasco

Andrew Bramasco is a commercial photographer from Southern California. Specializing in luxury, commercial and residential architecture. He began his career as an in house photographer for one of Orange County’s top luxury real estate groups and now works independently across the country. 

When not working on a project, Andrew focuses on conceptual portrait photography and art. 

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Four Eyes Featured Artist: Jon McConnell

Jon is a video game artist based in the Orange County area. His art is influenced by a multitude of cartoons, comics, games, illustrators, and films. While 

working primarily in a digital format, he’ll occassionally break away from the computer and work with acrylics, inks, and pencils. Aside from drawing and 

painting, he also enjoys experimenting with photography, sculpture, and pixel art.

Jon was schooled in game art at The Art Institutes in Santa Ana before going on to work for Obsidian Entertainment and Activision Blizzard.

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The Music: Jesse Grimes

Jesse Grimes - Born in the desert of Arizona, I relocated to the beaches of San Clemente, CA with my family in 1997.  It was here that I was first inspired to make music after hearing The White Stripes’ “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground” on the radio.  I went straight to the local pawn shop and bought an acoustic guitar for $180, then began teaching myself while trying to imitate the raw blues guitar and unrestrained emotion of Jack White.  These elements are still hold a strong presence in my music today, though my influences have grown to include a wide range of artistic styles from the simple folk ballads of Dylan and Connor Oberst, to the rock fundamentals of Tom Petty, The Beatles, Steve Miller, and The Doors, to the blues evolution of the Chicago Bluesmen, Led Zeppelin, George Thurgood, Edgar Winter, and the Black Keys, and lyrical honesty of Death Cab for Cutie and independent artist Jason Anderson.  My own lyrics and themes reflect strong sense of idealism, retained in spite of “growing up,” and a deep frustration with a society and culture that seems to care little for the things I care about most, intermixed with a sense of hope in the face of love lost and found.  Throughout all of my music, whether it’s what I’m listening to or what I’m playing, runs the constant theme of honest and pure emotion, a desire to convey more than just what the lyrics have to say or the notes in a scale.  I believe music is meant to be experienced, not just listened to, and that each performance should be unique and powerful in its own way.

This attitude is reflected in my latest album “The Passage,” a collection of songs written over the space of a year, during a transitional period in my life.  The entire album was recorded live at my own home in Capo beach, Ca, utilizing only my guitar, my voice, and the occasional harmonica.  Each song is a record of a moment in time, a unique experience, the mistakes were left in.

Jesse Grimes’ music can be streamed, downloaded, and purchased at  “The Passage” can be found on I-tunes as well.  Contact me at or search Jesse Grimes Music on Facebook.


He will be celebrating the release of his new album, “The Passage” with a show at It’s a Grind Coffee House in Mission Viejo, Ca on February 17th. 7-9pm

Four Eyes Featured Artist: Joe Keller

Joe Keller is an artist in the video game industry living and working in Orange County. He grew up in Alabama and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design before working for Companies such as THQ and Activision Blizzard.

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Four Eyes Featured Artist: Theo DeHart

Theodore DeHart is a passionate designer and photographer who specializes in print design and conceptual photography. He grew up in the beautiful San Bernardino mountains where he still lives. He has worked on international design projects and participated in shows in Los Angeles and New York. Theodore received a BA in Art photography and a BA in Graphic Design from California State University, San Bernardino.

Many times I find myself staring out at the world, not understanding it, wondering at the oddity of life. The way people slightly sway so as not to touch one another in passing. The silly things people do when nobody’s watching. The way a handrail looks after years of supporting people. My work is really about me trying to relate to the rest of the world. It’s about understanding who I am and how I fit in to the randomness of life. I use photography as a way to analyze the world. In my work, I am not necessarily trying to tell the viewer something, but rather asking a question. 
There are three main concepts in my work: identity, control, and randomness. I find the fluidity of identity intriguing because I constantly find my own changing or modifying. 
In the process of observing and investigating others, I discover more about myself. I don’t always start a project with a clear outcome in mind. The beginning stages of my work are always very instinctive. I try not to focus hard on an idea. When I am starting out with a project I like to start with my digital camera because I like the immediacy of it. Shooting digitally lets me be free to play, and work through my ideas.
Theo was recently featured in Dot Photozine.

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